• The Association shall be called The British Orthopaedic Sports Trauma & Arthroscopy Association (B.O.S.T.A.A.)

  • Objectives of the Association

    The objectives of the Association are to provide a forum for the presentation of research, advances in clinical practice and the results of treatment interventions pertaining to orthopaedic sports injuries aiming to improve the care offered by orthopaedic surgeons to the sufferers of injuries and conditions sustained during sport.

    The objectives of BOSTAA will include to develop and encourage partnership with other specialist and sub-specialist organisations to these ends.

  • Membership Groups

    • Membership shall comprise the following groups:
      • Emeritus Membership may be offered to distinguish surgeons from other countries or distinguished workers from other disciplines who have a special interest in accordance with the objectives of the Association. Such Emeritus Members will not pay the annual subscription.
      • Full Membership is open to Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and Associate Specialist with a special interest in sports injuries, as demonstrated in their clinical practice and research or presentation of papers to the Association. The Members will pay a full annual subscription.
      • Senior Membership will be offered to Members reaching retirement. They will cease to pay the annual subscription.
      • Overseas Members may be elected from orthopaedic surgeons residing outside the UK and the Republic of Ireland, who can demonstrate a similar interest with the objectives of the Association. These Members will pay a full annual subscription.
      • Associate Membership is open to higher surgical trainees . On attaining Consultant status an Associate Member may apply for full membership but must fulfil the criteria for full membership. Associate Member status shall cease when the trainee has attained Consultant status.
      • Affiliates may be elected from among non-medically qualified members of allied Health Professionals, whose work is consistent with the objectives of the Association. They will pay half of the annual subscription.
    • Application for Membership
      Application for membership should be made to the honorary secretary, accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae. The secretary should discuss the application with the president and the vice president or get it approved by at least two of the executive board members
    • Resignation/Cessation of Membership
      An individual will cease to be a member as follows:
      • By giving written notice to the Secretary.
      • The Executive of the Association shall have the power to request the resignation of any Member deemed guilty of conduct contrary to the interest and ethos of the Association
      • Failure to pay the annual subscription for more than 12 months
        No refund of subscription fees will be made.
  • Officers of the Association

    • The Officers of the Association shall be the President, the Vice President, the immediate Past President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Academic Secretary, who shall, together with the immediate Past President and up to three invited members at large, constitute the Executive. A Web Master Officer will be elected for three years, then a review of the post will be considered pending on a suitable replacement.
    • The Executive Officers should be Members in good standing with BOSTAA, and Members or Fellows in good standing with the British Orthopaedic Association (BOA)
    • The Vice President will be elected for a two years term in office. He will then replace the outgoing President fora two year in office as the New President. The Vice President will be elected at the AGM or by ballot if that is not possible. Officers of the Association shall propose the name of the next Vice President for confirmation by the Members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
    • The other Officers of the Executive will be elected at the AGM or by ballot if that is not possible. Any Member can propose the name of any eligible person who has expressed their willingness to serve.
    • The Members at large of the Association will also be elected at the AGM or by ballot should be necessary.
      • The Executive shall conduct the ordinary and financial business of the Association and shall determine the time and place for each meeting of the Association. The quorum shall be 5 out of 9 from the Executive, 2 of whom should be Officers of the Association.
      • The President shall hold office for2 years and shall not normally be eligible for immediate re-election as President. The President shall chair all meetings of the Association and of the Executive. If unable to attend the Vice President shall act as Chairman and in the case of both being absent, then the Secretary will act as Chairman.
      • The Secretary, the Treasurer and the Academic Secretary shall be elected for a period of up to 3 years. They shall not be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office more than once.
      • The Members at large shall also be elected for a period of up to 3 years. They shall not be eligible for re-election to the same position more than once.
      • Appointments of the Executive Officers and Trustees shall be staggered to make sure that simultaneous change does not take place.
  • Meetings of the Association

    • Scientific Meetings
      • The Association will hold one meeting in conjunction with the British Orthopaedic Association and will be open to all Members and non-members of BOSTAA on payment of the appropriate registration fee. A second meeting (Spring) may be held in a location to be agreed, following consideration at the previous AGM.
      • The Scientific programme will be decided by a Programme Committee consisting by the President, the Academic Secretary and any other Member or Members co-opted by the executive.
      • The Scientific business shall principally be short papers followed by a discussion.
      • Titles together with a brief abstract must be sent to the Academic Secretary for consideration by the Programme Committee before a date notified prior to the meeting. The length of the abstract will be determined by the Programme Committee.
      • The Association may sponsor Symposia on subjects of scientific interest relating to Orthopaedic Sports Injuries. The President may invite distinguished visitors to give Guest Lectures to the Association. In the latter case, the invitation will be dependent on the financial situation of the Association and the President must seek approval of the Executive, who will set a limit on the amount of money the President may spend. Guest Lecturers will normally be invited to address the Association during the open meetings of the Association.
    • Business Meetings
      • A business meeting of members shall be held during each meeting of the association to consider arrangements for subsequent meetings and matters of business raised by the executive or by members. The executive committee will meet in person or via phone / skype as needed in the interim. There will usually be a face to face executive meeting at the BOA congress
      • The business meeting at the December BOSTSAA annual meeting shall be the annual general meeting (AGM) of the association at which the election of officers and trustees shall take place. The changeover of executive posts / duties will occur on that day.
        • BOSTAA AGM shall be held during the annual general meeting in December during the meeting the audited statement of account up to the end of the financial year shall be presented.
        • Any vacancy on the board should be advertised in advance. The secretary should give no less than 21 days notice to BOSTAA members.
        • All elections of officers shall be confirmed at the AGM. The president should receive all nominations for officer?s posts not less than fourteen days prior to the AGM. No nominations shall be accepted from the floor of the meeting.
        • The nominees for officer?s post should be in good standing with BOA & BOSTAA. They should have served as consultant at least 5 years unless applying to be a trainee member at large. The nominee?s clinical workload should be sports based and they should be well known within the orthopaedic community and have excellent networking ability. Previous officers can be nominated for higher ranking positions within the board. Applicants for the vice president post (VP) should have served as officers of the executive in the past. Previous vice presidents and presidents cannot re-join the BOSTAA executive, but they can act as BOSTAA ambassadors.
        • All members entitled to vote at meetings and shall have equal voting rights
        • A motion shall be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting, except when the motion is a constitutional amendment, which shall require a two-thirds majority. In the event of equal votes being cast, the president shall have a casting vote
      • The business meetings are chaired by the president and in his absence the vice president or the secretary shall chair all meetings including the AGM
  • Finance

    • The annual subscription shall be set at the AGM
    • Full Members, Overseas Members and Affiliates shall pay the due subscription on or before 1 January of the year immediately following the AGM.
    • The Treasurer should receive from the Secretary an annually updated Members list and keep a record of the annual subscription fee payments.
  • Alteration of the Articles of the Constitution
    • The Association shall have the power to alter or amend the articles of the constitution following discussion at the AGM.
    • The Secretary shall send to the Members all proposed alterations not less than 3 weeks before the date of the meeting.
    • The articles of the constitution may only be altered by the vote of at least two-thirds of those Members present and voting at the meeting.
    • At least five Members shall be present to form a quorum at the meeting to enable alteration of an article of the constitution.

Approved AGM 5th December 2018